Giving Thanks for New Love

As 2016 draws to an end, I want to close the year by sharing some good news. On Christmas Eve in front of the family, Jordy proposed to Joy. Gutsy man! Of course, Joy happily replied, “Yes”. Jordy had already earned the acceptance and love of our family. It’s as though God took over and worked a miracle. Well, of course!

Their story seems fun. Jordy had been Joy’s boyfriend at church camp when they were both seniors in high school. Church camp ended and they went their separate ways. Last year, while Dana — one of Joy’s very closest friends lay recovering from knee surgery she decided to locate old friends from camp. When Dana found Jordy he asked, “Do you know what happened to Joy? I never forgot her.” Joy tells me she and Jordy fell in love by talking on the telephone. A God-job for sure!

My little daughter suffered terribly during Brian’s year of cancer. It has now been almost a year and a half since his death. Enough suffering. Enough grief. We will always remember Brian with great respect and tender devotion. We also accept that he now enjoys a better place. In addition, we rejoice that Joy moves forward into a new life. Her family welcomes Jordy and his lovely daughter, Samantha as our own. As our family numbers increase, love expands. Personally, I think God showed off a bit with this one! For His goodness, I give thanks.

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