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Homeless Adventurers Find Two NOT Ordinary Events

Just as seeing ducks waddle down a red carpet at the Peabody Hotel is the “thing” to do in Memphis, attending the Grand Ole Opry sits at the top of the “to do” list in Nashville.


In Memphis, we ate on Beale Street, visited the Mud Island Museum, and topped the day’s events by watching five ducks proudly stride down the carpet at the most expensive hotel in the state. Chris and I looked at one another and decided the event must represent life at its best.

I shudder to think what my dad, Watters Farnum would have to say about ducks on red carpet. Perhaps Daddy would look for ducks on the Peabody menu. Would he stand in a crowded lobby waiting for the duck’s arrival? I think not. On to Nashville, Tennessee.


When we arrived at the RV camp in Nashville, we learned that I had not finalized reservations. Congratulations to Chris for his diplomacy and patience. Fortunately, the managers located a crowded spot we could use.

We barely had time to change clothes before catching an Urber ride to the Opry House. I had hoped for a “grand ole dinner” but gladly settled for some chunks of chicken, which we ate while watching the show. Did we have good seats? Only the best — back row on the left with television sets arranged so audiences could actually see the performers. I informed our closest row mates that the seats were exactly what I wanted.

The show more than met our expectations and we enjoyed the evening very much. I believe when our adventures end, I will recall the Grand Ole Opry as one of our best memories.


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