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Introducing my new book...

Being a good parent is the most challenging—and meaningful—job anyone can assume. The manner in which parents and other caregivers fulfill this task will impact the future of the child, as well as the world.

In Parenting with Kindness & Consequences, parents and grandparents are encouraged to nurture children from birth, with many examples and tips on how to compassionately guide them through each stage of development.

An important part of loving a child includes setting appropriate limits. Methods are examined in detail, along with how to respond both kindly and firmly when children push the boundaries. The good news is that when corrections or consequences match behaviors in ways that help a child learn, no punishment need occur. Severe challenges (such as cruelty to others, stealing, and lying) are examined with a focus on healing.

Although this book focuses on early childhood, the same principles apply to older children, teens, and young adults.

Topics included...

Parenting from Birth Forward

  • Loving and Caring

  • Developing Language

  • Safeguarding Your Home

  • Developing Emotional Resilience

  • Learning from Diverse Cultures


Parenting with Kindness

  • Modeling Kindness

  • Avoiding Entitlement by Teaching Social and Emotional Growth

  • Dignifying Mistakes

  • Redirecting Negative Actions to Positive Behaviors

  • Guiding Toilet Training

  • Using Choices to Teach

Parenting with Consequences

  • Connecting Behaviors to Consequences

  • Correcting Our Mistakes

  • Emphasizing the Importance of Chores and Work

  • Using the Power of I’m Not Willing . . .

Parenting Anger with Healing as the Goal

  • Responding to Types of Tantrums

  • Meeting the Needs of Four Types of Challenging Children

  • Teaching Ways to Manage Anger

  • Understanding the Hazards of Punishment

  • Recognizing Toxic Parents

  • Establishing Guidelines for Technology

  • Helping Children with Behaviors than Harm Others

  • Healing Severe Behaviors


Parents as Teachers

  • Emphasizing Creativity

  • Bonding Speech with Writing and Reading

  • Using Sensory Input to Strengthen Learning

  • Considering Challenges of Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

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