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A Letter to the U.S. Congress

Message to Our U.S. House of Representatives:

I have not always been a Democrat. However, I confess that I am an impatient card-carrying progressive liberal. My years of seeking a middle ground ended when I “drank the cool-aid” and found it factual.

Here lies my impatience. Time seems to drag by endlessly while children suffer in detainment centers, respected peer-reviewed scientists face threats to their research, we stare at the possibility of another war, international leaders in free nations disdain us, and dishonesty replaces truth.

Although I want Democrats to demonstrate fairness, I believe current events propel immediate and courageous actions. The time has arrived to say “No,” to unacceptable behaviors and policies. For these reasons, I request the following actions.

  1. Begin an impeachment inquiry, which will not guarantee impeachment but will expand your ability to gain in-depth information. Starting the process will convey strength.

  2. Replace requests for testimony with a rapid succession of subpoenas. Those who refuse to respect subpoenas go to jail. Televise all testimonies in open meetings and share during peak viewing times.

  3. Ask outside lawyers to participate in questioning subpoenaed individuals.

  4. No control over the president? When possible, use your power of the purse to limit the president’s spending.

  5. Take immediate actions to help the children being damaged at our borders. Start court proceedings to charge the administration with neglect and abuse of minors.

Sadly Dems, we appear weak. We cannot wait until 2020. No one wants to elect indecisive leaders. Will the base get angry? They express anger all the time. So be it. Hopefully, undecided voters will make healthy decisions if they learn true facts.

People suffer, values get trashed, and disrespect at home and abroad grows. Please take bold actions now. *Contact Congress at 202.224.3121.


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