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Are We Swimming in God’s Energy? Presence of God Over Death

Death, with its fear and agony, grants many blessings. As our son in law walks through his final days, those of us who love Brian grasp for understanding. We search for “silver linings” in this agonizing process.

I stand on the firm belief that God does not smite some and grant health to others. Death, with its accompanying suffering comes because life continues to be life. A personified presence does not select an individual for a radical lesson in dying. Life happens. Death continues to exist as part of the human experience.

What blessings do we recognize as the walk to death continues?

  1. Faith gets tested. How easy to have faith when everything goes as we prefer. How challenging to maintain faith when life disappoints us. Faith clings to a belief that although we do not understand, we believe a greater good will triumph as a result of the pain and loss.

  2. The heart softens. Love for another human being intensifies. A son in law who did not meet my expectations thirteen years ago now feels like a son. He resides in my heart.

  3. Forgiveness comes. Forgiveness for self and for others occurs as a result of the humility that comes as we face death. Death also beacons as a blessed release.

  4. Strength grows. Tasks that seemed impossible a year ago now become routine. Friends and family demonstrate a willingness to do whatever the situation requires.

  5. New friendships materialize. Big, tough, burly men do all they can to help their “buddy” Brian. Men I never knew have now become precious to me.

  6. Family love increases. All of us love one another at a depth we had not experienced. We see one another differently.

Throughout this walk, I have relied on a Power beyond my own resources. This Power exists as Spirit. I notice that we literally “swim” in an intangible energy. Belief in the power of a surrounding presence of energy — God, can direct us to a joy that over rides the sorrow. Without a doubt, I know that this spirit — this energy can strengthen us, even when we do not get what we want.


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