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Books I Recommend

Updated: May 12, 2023

Dr. Bailey's book, Conscious Discipline, shares ways to use encouragement to teach children to value themselves and to honor others. Dr. Bailey says, "Self-esteem is not earned through accomplishments, it is created each moment in how we "see" other people. She clarifies differences in assertiveness and aggression. Choices, used as tools to teach, help promote responsibility. Finally, Dr. Bailey turns mistakes into learning opportunities by encouraging children to solve problems and make good choices. Our world changed. Older harsher behavior management methods no longer work. If you want to make a positive difference in a child's development, buy this book and read it cover to cover.

Reischer, Erica. “What Great Parents Do.” New York: Penguin Random House

I think this is an excellent book with easy to follow suggestions for parents, grandparents, child care personnel and teachers. As a former teacher, I related to many of the situations. I highly recommend this book of ideas that promote respect. I have shared many of Reischer's thoughts with my children and grandchildren. Reischer bases her ideas on research as she covers a wide variety of topics critical to parenting. She emphasizes the importance of accepting children, showing empathy, and remembering that all parents make mistakes. She makes sound suggestions, which parents can easily understand and follow.

Dannemiller, Scott. “The Year Without a Purchase.”

Several years after making an agreement to live simply by buying less, Scott and Gabby Dannemiller realized their family needed to evaluate spending by including their children. In the process, they agreed to live for a year by purchasing items the family needed without giving in to what they wanted. Danmiller’s book provides interesting stories while examining popular beliefs. In addition, the book invites readers to discover truth about which values bring joy. This insightful book provides guidance and clarity to the consideration of making purchases. I highly recommend this book.


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