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Choices About Behaviors

Ideas in this section come from some of the nation’s most prestigious behavior management experts. You will find a collection of easy-to-follow procedures that will allow you to redirect children’s behaviors in positive ways.

Choice Theory

In his work with children, Dr. William Glasser applies what he calls, choice theory. The basis of choice theory concludes that:

  • all behaviors are internally motivated,

  • chosen in an effort to meet one of five needs, and

  • can be changed with help. Unmet needs create barriers to learning and to personal satisfaction.

Choice theory maintains that no one loses control; just make poor choices. As a teacher or parent, you will have occasions to ask, “Are you making good choices?” A good question to ask someone who blames others is, “Whose behavior can you control?”

Teach children that usually you cannot control the behavior of another person but you can and must control your own.

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