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Gotta Love Those Boys

Grandpa and I always counted ourselves fortunate that we enjoyed the many hours Lane, Dalton, and their friend, Derek spent with us as they grew up. Summer visits began when the boys were around five or six years old. The older the boys got, the more weeks they spent with us. Once they hit their teen years, they got jobs shoveling manure for extra pocket money. Yes, they created a great deal of mischief along with lots of laughter. Always, without exception these young boys continued to be good kids.

Now, that the three older guys have hit their twenties, I continue to miss their visits. Fortunately, we now have three younger grandsons (not counting Baby Rhett) who fill the big guys’ shoes quite nicely. With Chandler on a camping trip, Aidan and Ellioitt invited Korben, a friend from school. The three boys started the evening playing pool, ping-pong, and air hockey. They also amazed us by walking on balance beams. We ate dinner at P Terry’s, which promised to give all money to the Austin American Statesman for families in need. Lane (the oldest grandchild) and his wife, Margie joined us.

The younger boys know about “Random Acts of Kindness” and when I handed them some money, they immediately went to work hiding the dollars for someone else to find. The importance of this idea lies in the secrecy. The boys will never know who finds their money and those lucky finders will have no idea who left the small surprises.

This morning, Grandpa cooked bacon along with maple syrup pancakes for breakfast. While I did the dishes, the boys collected items they brought from home. Their dad, Todd, picked them up and Chris and I headed for church.

How blessed we feel to be enjoying our second set of grandsons. How awesome to be with young people who behave, and who have manners. I rode to church with a big smile and a sincere feeling of gratitude.


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