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Gratitude Lists

When I respond to your problem by asking you to write a gratitude list, you must think I’m strange. The suggestion comes out of my own life experiences. I only know what works and what doesn’t work for me. I send an earnest prayer that you will get some bit of truth that will work for your life. Think of my ideas as bricks that I am tossing out to help you build your life.

Here’s the brick for today. When you think and think and think again about a problem, the problem tends to grow—at least in your mind. At this point, you have two choices. You can continue to focus on the situation you do not like or you can take control of your racing brain and lead it in another direction. Imagine a “no smoking” sign. Change that to “no thinking about this issue” sign. Each time you slip and get worried, tell yourself to think of three things that cause you to feel grateful. Before you go to sleep at night, jot down at least three of your gratitude thoughts.

I’m certain that I will continue to throw “bricks” of ideas in your path. Pick up and use the ones that work for you. Leave the others on the ground. It is your life to build — one brick at a time. Love, Grandma


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