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Halt! Border Patrol Here

“Oh NO! They’re swarming Grandpa,” shouted Dalton. Similar to workers streaming out of a disturbed anthill, border patrol poured out of a checkpoint with guns raised as they rushed toward Chris.

Only moments before, Grandpa had turned in the car to Dalton and said, “I’ve got to find a restroom. Take the wheel.” Out rushed Grandpa and around the end of the car, tore Dalton. From the back seat, I anxiously watched my husband as he hurried past a long row of cameras positioned along the side of the highway. Would the border patrol shoot him? “Surely not,” I reasoned to myself. “After all, they don’t shoot law-abiding citizens.”

We had spent a few days at the Coast Guard Base on Padre Island visiting our first grandson, Dalton’s brother, Lane. Our moment of desperation occurred during the return trip to Austin. Chris later reported that when ordered to “Halt,” he pleaded that he only wanted a restroom break. Initially, the border patrol refused. Fortunately, after scrutinizing their “suspect”, they relented. What harm could a plodding, elderly grandpa cause to national security?

All ended well. My husband ultimately returned to our waiting car, refreshed and unharmed. Dalton remained behind the wheel and delivered us safely to our home in Austin. For anyone worried about national security, I assure you that the Border Patrol in Texas stands ready to move and eager to act. Safety reigns in Tejas.


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