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Heck No to Revenge

On my goodness!

Let’s get a grip folks. Any time our little minds wrap around big ideas of getting revenge or hurting others, we find ourselves on the wrong side of good sense. Even more important, we land on the wrong side of integrity. For that reason, I find myself muttering a lot of “no’s” as I putter around the house.

“No” to suggestions made by Maxine Waters to refuse service to anyone associated with the Trump administration. “No, Maxine, I realize you feel frustrated but this idea will not move us forward.”

“No,” to Great Britain’s plan to float a gigantic baby Trump helium balloon over parliament during his next visit to England. Regardless of how much you disagree with Trump’s policies, please do not lower your own dignity by embarrassing him in this way.

Finally, I say, “Absolutely No,” to any suggestion of harm to Trump’s son, Barron. Verbal attacks, abuse and neglect of children must always be avoided. No justification makes any level of abuse to kids acceptable.

If we want this republic to survive, we must all bend a little toward the center. It will also help if all of us practice forgiveness, acceptance, and yes — even kindness. “Yes,” to treating others with the dignity we want for ourselves.


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