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Honoring Traditions and History

Out of respect for Colonel Sanders, we agreed that a visit to Kentucky would not be complete without some golden fried chicken. To that end, we met Chris’ cousins at Claudia Sander’s restaurant and buffet where we consumed lavish quantities of vegetables along with the

fried chicken.

Kentucky museums equal our own Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. Texas has a much larger state capital building than Kentucky. However, the farms for breeding and training Kentucky Derby thoroughbred racehorses can only be described as extravagant. Never have I observed such beauty and care with regard to animals. Even the fences look spectacular. My West Texas cowboy daddy would have enjoyed witnessing such a glamorous level of care. (Or he might have thought it silly.)

On our final night in Kentucky, we met a different set of cousins and had dinner in Louisville. We have thoroughly enjoyed the family and the state. Now we head to Branson, MO to enjoy some music.


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