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Making a Prayer Request

I believe in the power of prayer; not as a magical method to get what I want but as a force of love extended to others. Sometimes, prayers do not yield the results I want. Yet, the force of energy sent from one person to another binds us in love and connects us in Spirit. Today, I make a prayer request for a family I cherish.

During the years our son attended middle school, a neighborhood kid sometimes came to spend the night. In the summer before the boys entered high school, spending the night happened with increasing frequency. After the two teens moved our son’s friend’s stereo into David’s room, I realized the time had come to rearrange our home. Thus, during all four years of high school, an additional teenager blessed my life with fun, laughter, ridiculous antics, and love. No dull moments — ever!

As the years passed, the two young men graduated from college, secured gainful employment, married and had their own children. Even without times for “sleep-overs,” the commitment between both men and the connections between their families continued. For me, the feelings of love and wanting to protect never went away.

Today, this very courageous, special family faces heartache. The wife and mother, whom we all love and admire has been advised to cease aggressive chemotherapy against the cancer invading her body and to seek comfort care. Knowing that pain now floods Janet’s body, grief, as part and parcel of life, fills our hearts. I write this post to request prayers for guidance, peace, love, and above all comfort for Blake, Janet, her mom and all three children.

Thank you.


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