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Mom's Versus Dad's Strengths

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Dr. Joannie Debrito, PhD, a family specialist, suggests that most dads parent in different ways than the average mom, and thus provide different but equally important values (Debrito, August 6, 2019). Ideally, children will experience the love and the different strengths of each parent. Debrito suggests that feminine empathy, which can come from both men and women, can be balanced with the energy of male practicality. There are males who demonstrate enormous gentleness. Likewise, many females exhibit great toughness. While one parent may express less sensitivity, he or she often engages in better problem solving. The skills often exhibited by dads make a difference from birth until your baby reaches adulthood. Bonding with Dad must be considered as important as bonding with Mom.

Dads play important roles in a baby’s life.

As parents become acquainted with their baby, they learn to distinguish various needs. Parents who pay attention will know when their new little being needs something. Precisely what she needs and wants may be a total mystery, but new parents can’t miss the baby’s communication of “I want _____ now.” Sure enough, new parents endure sleep deprivation, bewilderment, fierce protectiveness, and a heightened sense of hope that they will parent this precious little person with love. And yes—most manage to do this awesome task beautifully.


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