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OOPS! Did We Lose Those Anti-Forgetfulness Pills?

For some time, Chris and I have worried about our forgetfulness. A few weeks ago, a friend suggested that we get screened for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. What a reasonable idea. So I felt really good about our back-to- back appointments. In fact, when the day arrived, I woke up thinking about my appointment and wondering if I should brush up on my multiplication facts. (To heck with that idea.)

And then . . . WE FORGOT TO GO. We forgot to go to our appointments about forgetfulness. This does not look good for us. Oh dear. Chris called to apologize and make new appointments for next week.

Can the forgetfulness doctor possible meet us with an open mind? Won’t she have pre-determined that indeed, we desperately need her services? At this rate, she’ll make a fortune on us.

Maybe, I’ll arrange for our children and a few of the older grandchildren to call and remind us to remember to not forget to go to the forgetfulness screening.


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