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Research Needed: Hair Styles and Sexual Behavior

For some individuals, hairstyles make a major contribution to how they perceive themselves and how they respond to their partners. In fact, I suggest a new research study needs to be done by those interested in investigating ways external conditions impact sexual conduct.

My husband and I have now been together for over two decades. Twenty years ago, I wore my brown hair in layered curls. Getting permanents on a regular basis provided the waves that nature failed to endow.

At the beginning of our marriage, Chris and I felt like a young couple dealing with changes from single to married life. I felt stressed by the numerous needs to adjust. My doctor recommended I try Xanax. The idea seemed simple enough.

The following weekend, a couple from Chris’ work invited us on an extended day trip around Hill Country. I wanted to relax and enjoy myself. If one Xanax helped, think how great the trip would be if I took two? Off we went to have a grand time. No anxiety. No worries.

Sipping coffee in New Braunfels, Texas, our male companion looked around the restaurant and remarked, “Look at all the hairstyles women choose.” Glancing over my shoulder, I flipped my shoulder length hair and added, “My favorite style is when I have a new permanent. With all those curls, I want to have sex all the time. For some reason, my response came out louder than I had anticipated. Heads turned. My husband sat in embarrassed astonishment. Our friend shoved the car keys across the table and suggested, “Get that woman to a beauty shop!”

I promptly threw out the Xanax for fear of continually embarrassing my new husband. Through the years, we have occasionally questioned what happened to our friends and wondered why we never heard from that couple again. Good news! Today, even without disorderly curls we enjoy a happy marriage. No perm in sight!


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