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Save Those Sagging Body Parts!

I made a new friend at the YMCA today. Struggling to find a machine to repair my sagging upper arms, a voice suddenly emerged a little too close to not be my husband. Startled, I looked around to find an elderly gentleman. “Jimmy” then graciously offered to help with my obvious arm situation. “I can show you how to set up and use this machine so that you can really get good benefits.”

“Great,” I thought. “Where the heck is Chris?” It turned out that my husband, Chris was indeed watching and had been noticing the gentleman for some time. Not only did my new friend teach me how to use the machine destined to restore lost muscle tone, but he also offered to teach me how to use an even more amazing piece of equipment at the Y. Yep! Jimmy has been coming to the Y for 30 years and only recently learned the miraculous benefits of this little number. By now, interest in potential muscle building had replaced my initial skepticism.

My new friend encouraged me to come every day. Not possible. “Well, then come every other day,” he recommended. “These two exercise machines will definitely fix you right up.”

At about that time, Chris walked up to introduce himself. I must confess that I loved the determined look on my husband’s grave face as he shook hands with Jimmy. “By Jove, I believe my husband loves me!”

Needless to say, I’m now jazzed about restoring these old arms of mine. Yep! I’m getting ready for sleeveless dresses! Be on the lookout for new arms on this sagging senior body! I have been saying, “The best is yet to come


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