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Secrets of Pendulums and Life

Does it seem like sometimes life dumps trouble all over you? Do you occasionally think that life is definitely NOT fair? You are right! Life is not fair. Let’s not pretend otherwise. Here’s even more sad news. Everyone experiences sadness and fear and even desperation from time to time. I know it feels like these “downers” belong exclusively to you. Even though it feels that way, it isn’t true. All humans want to put their heads under the covers at times.

Here’s the good news. Life works like a grandfather clock with a huge pendulum. The pendulum slowly swings from side to side. As long as the clock keeps on ticking, the pendulum will continually alternate sides. It is impossible for it to stay on one side. This means that, no matter how bad things get, the pendulum of life will always swing to the opposite side. Life events are temporary. Change is inevitable. As long as you keep on ticking, by putting one foot in front of the other, your situation will alter. Maybe knowing that nothing is forever will help you get to the other side of life’s grandfather clock.


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