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The Story Behind My New Book

Quietly, I thought to myself, “Oh, my goodness! These kids are much too young to have a baby.” To my horror, I heard the words, “OH NO!” come out of my mouth. (This was not an auspicious start.)

As I warmed to the thrill be becoming a great grandmother, I continued to worry about the youth and inexperience of my grandson and his wife. Again, I considered, “I do not want to sound like some grouchy, know-it-all grandmother. That will not go over well. Maybe if I write some thoughts down, the future mom and dad might read and consider some of my grandmotherly ideas.

And so, I began writing. Precious Baby arrived and I made of a copy of my choice suggestions for the parents. Although I’m not sure they ever read my ideas, the good news is that my young grandson and his wife knew a heck of a lot more about parenting than I had assumed. As a committed learner, I stepped up to master new ideas. Fortunately, they taught me a few things!

By that time, I had gotten turned on to the realization that a great many parents seem to be young and inexperienced. For that matter, a lot of grandparents had managed to grow old without gaining much information about nurturing babies, children, and teens. Thus, the original concept expanded. Research was added to the book along with personal stories to keep the text flowing.

Three and a half years later, Tranquility Press published "Parenting with Kindness and Consequences" and began selling the book on Amazon. For most of my adult life, my primary focus has been on children. Many times, I have said, “If you improve the life of a single child, all the work, time, and energy will be worthwhile.

Today, I add, “If one parent picks up a single useful concept from the book and creates a more nurturing space for a child — all the hours, work, and commitment will be well worth it. I am happy to announce that "Parenting with Kindness and Consequences" is now ready to read.


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