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To Heck With Being Sensible

Some of you may already know that Chris and I backed out of the offer we made on a cute little house. Today, I write about our latest (and final) house bid.

I’m running out of time. No doubt about it. With my 80s looming ahead in the not-so-distant future, I’d better take advantage of what’s left of my youthful 70s. To heck with being sensible and sedate! Not that I have anything against practical shoes, a little help walking, or the luxury of peaceful naps.

Searching for the proverbial gold in these golden years does not get easier. I’ve decided to go for it while I still have the eyesight to spot that golden glow.

And so, my husband, who is eight years my junior, and I dumped our previous notion of downsizing. Actually, we had previously downsized all the way to life in a motor home. Yes, it was fun. Without a doubt, getting rid of superfluous stuff felt great. And yet, there were hazards to that downsizing movement.

In spite of providing the advantage of always being able to locate one another, the motor home left no space for a family that seems to insist on continual expansion. Those kids — the ones we assumed would grow up and move on with their lives have become rabbits. Constantly, they accumulate spouses and children, dogs, cats, and even chinchillas. Don’t get me wrong. We love each and every one. While some senior citizens collect antique dolls, stamps, coins, or even books, my husband and I collect grandchildren.

As our collection grows, the age range expands. Our grandkids span from eight months to 24 years with no end in sight. Each day we count our blessings as we engage in the stimulating memory challenge of recalling the litany of names. The good news is that all that energy spent on name recollection keeps us as mentally as sharp as . . .

If you have not noticed, grandchildren do not sit quietly when they come to visit. In fact, if we have nothing for them to do, they don’t even come. Is this what we want? Heck no. We like commotion. A little hustle and bustle from young ones rock our souls. Kids germinate on movement. Regardless of the riveting stories I like to share, visiting quietly with Grandma does not rank high on their lists of enticing activities. So, we decided to purchase a home as wide and as expansive as our hearts. Our somewhat reckless lifestyle requires space. To heck with being sensible!


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