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Topsy-Turvy World

The Austin American Statesman published an article I recently submitted. I share it below.

The Republican Party Succumbed to Trump

We live in a topsy-turvy world today.

I belong to the Democratic Party. However, for most of my life, I studied candidates and voted for ones I believed would benefit the nation. Many times I crossed over to vote for Republicans or independents. One year, I only voted for Republicans.

In a world that feels upside down, we must all understand that the old Republican Party — which even if we differed on issues, we respected — no longer exists. Let’s not be fooled. The party many of you always gave your loyalty to died a terrible death and succumbed to the Party of Trump.

A vote for any Republican amounts to an affirmation of Trump’s disruption, dishonesty, and chaos. All of us must open our eyes to the truth that stares us in the face. The old Republican Party no longer exists. Barbara Frandsen, Austin


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