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Trying to Dress Correctly

Something strange happened when my husband and I dressed for a workout at the YWCA. Just before we stepped out the door, I asked, “Does my outfit look ok?” In response, Chris burst out laughing.

Imagine that. OK. Not a problem. I changed my shirt. Scrutinizing my second attempt, he did not laugh. However, he seriously suggested that I pay attention to what other women wear when working out at the Y. For goodness sakes — this is the YWCA we’re talking about!

Perhaps I was being overly sensitive but it did seem that Chris managed to choose machines at the opposite end of the room from where I was exercising. When I could catch his eye, I pointed discreetly to other females and then to myself. My intention seemed clear enough. The other women and I had dressed almost the same way. Almost. When I asked, Chris replied, “You are dressed the same except for your shirt and your shoes and your socks.” Well, what the heck did that leave?

This event reminded me of a time when my friend Marian offered to teach the three of us to play tennis. Marian always took tennis very seriously. I showed up, looking quite athletic in jeans, a tight red knit top, and hiking books. Very quickly it became apparent that I would be a tennis failure — a world-class tennis dropout, as a matter of fact. According to Marian, I didn’t even dress right.

So, after forty years, here I am again with a fashion question regarding my physical fitness. Chris says he plans to give me some appropriate workout clothes for Christmas this year.


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