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Turtle-ing Down the Road —Are We Home Yet?

Like turtles, people who live in RVs carry their homes with them. Being “home” depends on where we park. Although I doubt we will live this way forever, our lifestyle currently works. At the moment, home happens to be in Frankfort, Kentucky.

We traveled to Kentucky to spend time with Chris’ relatives. An added bonus provided beautiful country scenes and amazing horse farms. Kentucky racehorses produced a different breed from our West Texas Quarter horses.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of visiting with Chris’ 96-year-old Aunt Nancy. Lively, independent, and pretty, his aunt shared the secret of her long life of good health. She based her good fortune on double bacon cheeseburgers and most afternoons, a shot of Bourbon. So now, we have it—youthful health from a real expert.

Chris’ cousin, Steve also told of a time when Aunt Nancy had a heart attack. As the ambulance sped to the hospital, she prayed for God to take her. Suddenly, she remembered a party her friends had planned for the weekend. Aunt Nancy immediately altered her prayer.

The beautiful lady in the picture below belongs to Chris’ cousin, Martha Layne Collins, a former governor of Kentucky. We plan to enjoy one more day of museums in Kentucky before we once again blast away like turtles.


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