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Unacceptable Words Remain Unacceptable

When writing my New Year’s resolutions, I only included one goal: to stop making negative comments about others. Yet, here I sit on day 11 of 2018 struggling over cruel remarks focused on people from Haiti and Africa. Populations in Africa and Haiti include citizens with high intelligence, education, and financial success as well as those living in dire poverty. Can I declare my support for all world citizens without totally breaking my one and only New Year’s goal? Here’s my best attempt.

In only a short time we will celebrate the life of Martin Luther King. Dr. King’s words either inflame or inspire. Clearly, he continues to make a significant difference. Likewise, all leaders hold in their hands, the potential to make the world better or to reduce the well being of all. For that reason, I hold all leaders, especially our president to a high expectation.

Since remaining quiet will imply subtle agreement with recent remarks by the president, I must say, “Racial discrimination can never be acceptable.” This language and behavior does not fit the dignity of anyone from the president to the man living under a bridge. Unacceptable remains unacceptable.


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