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Volunteers for BETO

The Beto O’Rourke Campaign is being run almost totally by young people. Unlike the majority of Americans as well as most of their peers, these young adults understand a frightening truth. Today, we face a crossroads in which the leaders we elect will either demonstrate basic human decency or they will lead by perpetuating hate. These courageous young people realize the votes we cast today will determine the reality they will live in and raise their children in tomorrow.

With insights into our own limitations, Chris and I offered our home as a “pop-up” office from which individuals can get trained, make telephone calls, and walk from door to door. That means that each day, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, people we have never met before show up at our home to help. Every single one arrives with a hopeful smile. We provide coffee, tea, snacks, and clean and quiet spaces to work.

Chris and I, along with others, including many seniors, cannot possibly match the energy of these young supporters. We do what we can. In spite of the challenges of mastering their amazing technology, I falteringly learn. The young workers continue to be patient teachers, and regardless of my clumsiness, they remain kind.

Phone calls and door-to-door walkers go out from our homes. Even if the person who comes to the door or answers the telephone speaks rudely, these young campaigners reply graciously. Last night, a young woman, who had just been told that her body is riddled with cancer, showed up to make calls. “That was a rough one,” she stated after one individual on the other end of the line cursed at her. My heart ached as she sat giving her all in her frail and wrecked body. Did the cursing bother her? Yes, of course, but she remained undaunted.

With a bit of shame, I must confess that I sometimes grumble to myself, “This is too much — too many texts, too many emails, too many phone calls. Give me a break.” And yet, it seems impossible to dampen the persistence and faith of these young people. When the election ends, many will not be able to crawl out from under their covers due to their fatigue. They eat, sleep, and expend every ounce of energy toward helping Beto win. Providing our home as an office seems like a small action to take.

Regardless of the final outcome in this election, I will remain inspired by the courage exemplified by these young supporters as they continue forward each minute of every day. GO BETO!


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