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We Live an the Perfect Time

We Live at the Perfect Time

From the Unity Spiritual Center, I read, “Let us not forget that we were all born for such a time as this. This could not have happened at a better time. We are the cure. Let us share it in large doses.”

It does seem strange to consider, that — with the COVID 19 pandemic, racial murders and accompanying protests, unemployment, and climate change — anyone could suggest this illness and unrest could not happen at a better time.

Are we up to the challenge of curing our world?

Someone recently advised, “You will not be able to fix all the pain. Just take care of your corner of the world. Above all, do as much as possible to assure that future generations will recognize truth and honor justice.” Thinking about my small corner of the world and the generations that will follow feels reasonable.

As long as I continue to hang around, I hope to demonstrate what I believe is important. Some values have been hard-earned. A few have required abandoning ideas taught by my church and my family. Many of my current values clash with the people I love. This, then, becomes my small corner.

I hope the generations who follow me will enjoy quality lives. I want them to demonstrate:

  1. Kindness to animals, acceptance of all humans, and responsibility for the protection of nature,

  2. Appreciation for science exhibited in nature,

  3. Enough grit to take the right actions rather than the easier wrong behaviors (from the West Point Prayer),

  4. Recognition that they are only one small part of the entire universe and are neither more, nor less important than others,

  5. Love and respect for themselves.

Regardless of what life offers future generations, I want them to be connected to an inner spark, which will be a voice of reason, and a light to identify truth. I hope they will experience an internal peace that will triumph over daily challenges and hard times.


Reverend Sandra Campbell, Unity Spiritual Center, 230 S. Holmes St., Lansing, MI 48912


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