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When Life Seems Unfair

Our very special friend left her physical body this morning and transitioned to what I believe will be a new adventure. First, I begin with a background story about her husband, Blake.

Over two years ago, I received the following message. “Mom, Blake has been in a terrible car accident. Medics barely managed to pull him from the wreck alive.”

Our son’s best friend from childhood lived with us during their high school years. During that time, Blake became another son to me. Although limited financially, whatever I had, I split equally among the three children. That meant that my time, energy, and love also went three ways. And so, information about Blake’s accident became terrifying and personal for me.

After waiting for Blake’s surgery to end, each of us in the waiting room gave thanks that he had lived through the surgeon’s work of putting his broken body back together. No one knew what the final outcome would be. As he lay unconscious, his wife, Janet allowed each family member to see him for a few moments. At the end of the evening, my turn came. As I viewed Blake’s swollen body, my thoughts went back to the young teenager who had needed love and attention. I recalled the fun and laughter, his silliness, and his outrageous science experiments.

Hard days followed surgery. Days wondering if he could heal. Days seeking Divine assistance. Ultimately, doctors released him from the hospital, and his “one step at a time” recovery continued in his home. A hospital bed took over a front room. Each night, his wife, Janet slept on the floor beside his bed. For countless weeks, Janet maintained her vigil — always present and always prayerful. Without Janet’s constant loving service, he might never have walked, driven a car, or returned to work. She gave her all and Blake recovered.

Life does not seem to be fair. Janet’s diagnosis of widespread, aggressive cancer felt unjust for one who lived a life of service. For weeks, prayerful requests for comfort surrounded this faithful servant who always exemplified love for God and devotion to family. Today, the bonds of her pain ended. I imagine she soars. And so, once again, we do not understand and cannot justify. Once again, we focus on the Divine and ask for guidance.

Be free, Janet. You were, and will always be loved.


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