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Wobbling Thankfully With Aging Legs

Years ago, the realization that my son required more physical space in the universe than I did, seemed like a shocking revelation. After all, regardless of age, he remained “my child”. Even more surprising came the awareness that all of the children greatly outpaced me mentally and emotionally. Even as I continued to strive to protect them, the “children” took the reigns. And they didn’t simply take the reigns of their own lives. Oh no! Suddenly, without warning, they began to tug —even yank on mine! Shameless! Shameless and precious; moments to be treasured.

While I inched along thinking of myself as a “mother”, my children began to be my teachers, even providing “parenting” advice from time to time. Recently, our son, David gently reminded me to be thankful for my good health. Material things come and material things go. Inconveniences crowd our days. And yet, through it all, I have the health to get up each morning and confront another day. That man I proudly refer to as my son spoke words of truth.

In the course of life, we lose loved ones as well as material things. We also lose a measure of our youthful vigor. I must confess that sometimes, my 76-year-old legs wobble a bit. If you must insist on candid accuracy, sometimes they wobble a lot! Although I can remember events from years ago, I may not recall what I ate for breakfast. To the grandchildren, I often utter, “Oh! You’ve heard that story before? Maybe you want to hear it again?”

Age humbles and although I strive to “keep up”, I see no choice but to accept my lapses and embrace all that life deals. I insist — I demand that the golden years heap on some golden opportunities along with our silver challenges. And yes, David, I will remain thankful!


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