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Words Can Destroy Truth

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Do Not Be Fooled

Please do not be fooled. No matter what the name or claim, vouchers harm public education. Parents who want to send children to private or parochial schools must have the freedom to do so — IF they pay the cost. Families who prefer private schools but cannot pay the tuition might want to commit to making public education such a superior opportunity that leaving would be crazy.

In Texas, we have a rainy-day fund. What could be rainier than a school system in need of drastic repairs? What could possibly be more important than taking the right actions for all our children — our future leaders and taxpayers?

Vouchers destroy public education. Again — please consider and take action to save and repair public schools. If you want to help, consider contacting members of the Texas State Education Committee at:

or look for the Texas Public Education Committee


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